An Incredible Afternoon in the Public Library

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The participants taking part in the activity. Looks fun, doesn't it? You should join us next time!

As for any event, you can expect how the program will flow but you will never expect what kind of emotion the event will impact everybody in the room. For that afternoon in the Naperville Public Library, the response I drew out from the participants was incredible.

For the people who attended the event, there was not much to expect at first. That's the beauty of these kinds of events because as soon as people join in on the fun and see the results unfold, they understand the purpose of being there.

While some may have expected to only hear about boring leadership descriptions, they did not expect to actually put in a plan about how to shape their future. The afternoon included interactive activities that demonstrates how one shapes their future with their thoughts and mindset. 


The stories the kids shared brought a positive vibe to the room that showed us that these are indeed future leaders of our world. The participation and expression of their dreams strengthens my main purpose of starting this program: helping future leaders carve out their dreams to not only be successful but also serve as an inspiration to others. 

One kid shared her dreams of becoming a neuroscientist, another to be an Eagle Scout and a millennial who wanted to disrupt the trend in healthcare.


The experience in itself brings so much meaning into this initiative and I'm beaming with pride that everybody enjoyed the event, including the parents present.

After the session, a participant approached me and asked for some advice. She also extended an invitation to speak at their school. Indeed, it is during this point that one can say that I made a difference. It is in touching lives that we create real change and I am happy that this small event would serve as a catalyst to create future leaders in this competitive world.

So until next time, I would like to invite you to come to our next event and experience another fun and eye opening afternoon with me.


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